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During summer, when there is no rain for months, the forests become littered with dry senescent leaves and twinges, which could burst into flames ignited by the slightest spark.

Grass cutting on road verges is done by the Department for Infrastructure for road safety reasons only and for no other reason. Roadside trees/hedges are the responsibility of the owner/occupier of the land they’re on. You can report a safety issue with weeds, grass verges, hedges or overhanging trees.

Can I cut roadside hedges?

“In most cases, roadside hedges should be cut in February. … Cutting any hedge from the 1 March to the 31 August can be considered a cross-compliance breach and can lead to penalties unless the operation is required for the health and safety of road users.

If you’re wondering when to trim your hedges, it’s usually done sometime between spring and summer. You do, however, have to take into account potential nesting birds as nesting season may run from March to August.

(By Law Decreto-Lei No 15/2006) is a strimmed 50m radius around the house, and trees are only to be 4m max in height. and must be 4m apart and 5m from the edifice of the building, the road leading up to any property must also be strimmed to a distance of 10m. (5m on each side).

Let Us Do The Work And We’ll Report Back To You Online.
  • We clean land
  • We prune, fell or cut unwanted trees and shrubs.
  • We’ll stack and prepare the material for chipping.
  • We’ll chip/shred anything you don’t want as firewood, and either mound it up on-site or take it away if you don’t want it.
  • It’s as simple as filling in our Contact Form