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Project Locations: South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Portugal


Olifants River Diversion

  • Olifants river diversion with a directional flow distance of 7.2 kilometres.
  • Prevention of seasonal overflow in Wetland Bird Sanctuary area.
  • The total cost of the project is 4.7 mil.
  • Estimated permanent and subcontractors under my supervision 70.
  • Seasonal timeframe 5 months.

Preparation and Reflooding of Wetlands

  • Preparation and Silt bedding foundations.
  • Seasonal flow direction contours and drainage trenches
  • Est cost of the project 2.9 mil.
  • Contract workers under my supervision 120
  • Project duration 2 years, and ongoing vegetation enrichment from Silt flow.

Drakensberg Sun Hotel Winterton Natal.

  • Civil Construction including drilling and blasting of stream foundations.
  • Ground stability factors on positive river flowing areas.
  • Excavating and blasting of key cut for dam wall stability.
  • Estimated project cost 10 mil
  • Project Engineer with 70 peoples as subordinates.
  • Project duration 2 years.

Penge Asbestos Mine Rehabilitation

  • Mining area and waste dump area rehabilitation.
  • Removal of Asbestos-containing material.
  • The area covering with Subsoil and topsoil coverage.
  • Tailing dams’ removal and rehabilitation.
  • Removal of all steel structures and Shaft headgears.
  • Closing of all entrance shafts to underground workings.
  • Vegetation implementation and grassing of old working sites.
  • Project duration 5 years with 600 permanent workers and contractors.
  • Project cost 27 mil.

Rehabilitation of old Coal mining Areas

  • Rehabilitation of South Witbank mining site.
  • Removal of Slurry Ponds and Waste Dumps.
  • Removal of original contaminated surface area.
  • Backfilling and vegetation preparation.
  • Contract Duration 2 years and project Cost 3,4 mil.
  • 200 people as subordinates.

Witbank Fire Project

  • Spontaneous Combustion fire hazard from old underground coal mining site.
  • Barrier trenching and smouldering of oxygen exposure.
  • Pillar extraction to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Project cost 12 mil.
  • 60 people as subordinates.
  • Duration 9 months.