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Wood Chipping

1. Once-off Wood Chipping:
A reliable and cost-effective service for clients with a need for wood chipping.

2.Regular/Contract Wood Chipping:
We will carefully design our contract wood chipping service to ensure that it fully meets your regular wood chipping budget and needs.

Wood chippers are notoriously difficult to operate and maintain. That’s why our fully inclusive packages include chipper hire, a fully trained and experienced operator, as well as fuel and maintenance. Our Chipper is an Eliet 2000 and will fit through most standard sized garden gates

Site Clearance

Fast, efficient site clearance and devegetation
We can accommodate all types of scrubland, woodland, forestry and motorway/highway clearance.

Mr. Chips also provides a comprehensive highway and motorway clearance service. We appreciate roadside devegetation often necessitates nightshift and weekend work, as well as strict adherence to deadlines.

We are happy to discuss all tree felling and site clearance projects regardless of size, complexity, terrain, or location.


Expertly sourced and supplied biomass

As experts in the complete lifecycle of biomass fuel, we specialise in the sourcing and supply of small to medium sized volumes of biomass for personal or commercial users.

We work in partnership with our customers, ensuring their orders for quality biofuel are reliably scheduled and delivered according to their preferences.

We welcome all enquiries relating to the sourcing and production theroff.



We promote better, sustainable, forestry and woodland management.
Working with public/private forestry and land owners Mr. Chips offers a specialist forestry management service across Portugal.
More About Us


  • Our Super Prof 2000 Woodchipper is a high-performance Shredder, It weighs about 400kg and is fitted with a hydraulic power drive system that makes the machine easily moveable on steep terrains.
  • The machine’s unique, with of 830mm wide, allows better manoeuvrability through a standard garden gate.
  • Its powerful hydraulically driven, feeder roller feeds the material into the cutting rotor at speeds of up to 24 meters per minute.
  • Tree branches up to 120mm / 5″ in diameter including fire-hardened eucalyptus, can be chipped, ‘bigger stuff’ could be used for firewood.
  • Depending on the type of wood, freshness of cut and site conditions, we can produce up to 4-5 cubic meters of chip/mulch per day.
  • Most of the customers prefer a finer cut chip for use on gardens, pathways and orchards. But, should you prefer, we can also produce a rough-cut chip suitable for forest floors.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t want the woodchips, it can be removed but we do charge extra for loading and removal.
  • Types of wood: Including dense eucalypts, that grows in Central Portugal.
  • Rubbish: The material to be chipped must be clean of any ceramics, scrap metals, cables, cords, wires or ropes, cloths, plastics, sacks, pipes, bricks, tiles or stones. This could damage the machine and may also become dangerous projectiles.
  • Stacks: Try to sort and stack the material to be chipped into groups – thick and thin branches – wet or dry – and aligned in the same direction.  This makes it easier to pass the branches to the machine operator and speeds up chipping to save effort, time, and money.
  • Maximum Size: We can chip branches up to 120mm / 5” in diameter. You’ll probably want the ‘bigger stuff’ for firewood anyway!
Our Work Day:
  • We work an 8-hour day normally beginning at 9:00, with a 30-minute lunch break at about 12:00. Depending on the season and weather, our workday ends at 17:00
  • Our operator’s travelling time to and from the site is counted as part of the workday.
  • In hot weather, we will – with the client’s permission, begin work on-site at 07:30.
  • Wood chipping is noisy work; so, to respect your neighbours, we do not work on Sundays or on Public Holidays.
Our Rates: Mon – Fri (Half a day is the minimum hire time)
  • Up to the first 4 hours of work count as morning’s work. Our rate is 130€
  • Jobs requiring more than 4 hours of work are counted as a full 8-hour working day. Our rate is 172€ 
Saturdays (Half a day is the minimum hire time)
  • Up to the first 4 hours of work count as morning’s work. Our rate is 172€
  • Jobs requiring more than 4 hours of work are counted as a full 8-hour working day. Our rate is 210€ 
Our Rates for Machine Delivery to and from Site:
  • Distances up to 20km from Selão are FREE.
  • Beyond 20km, you’ll find our rates reasonable. We will give you a quote once we know the distance, as calculated by Google Maps.
Our Working Areas:
  • We are based in Selão, Algarve.
  • Our machine delivery charges for distances up to 20km from Selão are at no cost.
  • For any distances further than 20km from Selão, we have a rate per kilometre travelling.
  • We will normally travel up to 100 km from our home base in Selão.
  • If your property lies outside of our area, you are still welcome to contact us, so that we can discuss your requirements. We will help if we can!
  • All working sites must have acceptable roadways for our trailer and chipper.
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Bringing Nature Back To Life

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Happy Clients
Tree Felling
Tons Of Mulch Created
Trees planted

What Our Clients Say

Let our testimonials speak for themselves

Jens testimonial

Jens - Coimbra / The Hague, Netherlands: Thanks for emailing photos before and after your big chipping job. You saved me an air fare back to Portugal and tons of work. My land looks so much better. And now my neighbours (and the GNR) are happy!

Rick and Jo testimonial

Rick & Jo - Pedrógão Grande: Very happy to recommend “Mr Chips” . He solved the headache of what to do with the unwanted brushwood, we didn’t need fires, it was quick and had the added bonus of the woodchip mulch. Good job, well done!

John testimonial

John - Ansião / Southampton UK: Owning property in Portugal while still being resident in the UK does have challenges. I managed to find this service online and opted for their ‘Complete Solution’. Money well spent. Thanks guys.

Beata testimonial

Beata - Alvaiázere / Heidelberg, Alemão: Eu tinha alguns amigos para me ajudar a cortar o brash em minha terra e, em seguida, teve o problema do que fazer com o material de desperdício. Então ouvi falar de seu serviço de trituração. Obrigado por me deixar se envolver com o processo de lascamento. Grande trabalho em equipe.

Gabi testimonial

Gabi - Castelo Branco: Thanks guys. I thought the job would take much longer. Your wood chipper is a beast of a machine ? My land now looks cared for and I have peace of mind.

Renato testimonial

Rentato - Figueiró dos Vinhos: No verão quente de 2018, limpei a propriedade dos meus pais – cerca de 1 ha, com a ajuda do Mr. Chips. Eles foi incansável a ajudar-me. Graças à máquina que utilizou, o que poderia levar semanas a limpar, ficou limpo em 2 dias. Recomendo vivamente este serviço.

Laurelin testimonial

Laurelin - Cernache do Bonjardim: All of our woodland burnt in the fires of 2017. We did all of the felling ourselves, but we didn’t just want to burn all the smaller branches and destroy all that biomass. Finding someone with a wood chipper for rent proved very hard, but in the end we luckily found Mr. Chips. Obviously, clearing a few hectares of land is a mammoth task and we were very lucky to have gotten such hard working and good humoured help!